Mar 172014

The night before I am to receive an important and potentially serious medical diagnosis, I dream of being in the front of a crowded train when I notice the engineer is missing. The train is starting to speed around a curve so I slide behind the controls and apply the brakes as hard as I can. Very slowly, almost reluctantly, the train comes to a stop. I am relieved – at last someone will take over! But now I am driving a crowded city bus. It’s dark outside and we’re going through a rough neighborhood. As the bus pulls up to the curb I can see, in the street in front of us, several  punks attacking someone. Desperate to interrupt the fight, I drive right in front, as if I’m going to run over the attackers. One of them looks up at us and starts to move in our direction, then turns back to the fight. I see him flashing a knife. I drive around the vicious scrum and up into the city’s hilly suburbs, still in control, still waiting for someone to take over.

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