Jun 132019

Evanston RoundTable, June 13, 2019 Taking the dog for a walk along the lake. What could be more mundane, what could be more magical? The mundane comes with the calendar: a late May day, unremarkable except for a cool, light breeze and a warming sun, one of the first after our extended dreary spring. The magic comes with a fresh […click to read more…]

May 042019

Evanston RoundTable, May 2, 2019 While T.S. Eliot’s assertion that “April is the cruelest month” might be true in the Chicago area, May is quite another story, the genuine advent of Midwestern spring. April’s intermittent snowstorms and blustery weather are sandwiched between some sunny days, which gives the month its deserved reputation as a tease, a false positive, a trailer […click to read more…]

Apr 042019

Evanston RoundTable, April 4, 2019 Reflecting on it later, he decided it was wonderful happenstance, “pocketing the key of knowledge” in that way. It had happened, as many wonderful things do, on a visit to the Evanston Public Library, where he had gone to find a Tolstoy CD to play in his car. He loved the building, that beautiful red-brick […click to read more…]

Mar 212019

Evanston RoundTable, March 21, 2019 It would be interesting to hold a contest for the “next worst” sin. Surely, despite its curiously low ranking in the Ten Commandments (number six, below respecting your parents), murder tops the list. It is so violent, so irrevocable. But even murder is not, as they say, an open and shut case. I want to […click to read more…]

Mar 082019

Evanston RoundTable, March 7, 2019 Five times in our nation’s history, including twice in the last generation, the will of the people has been subverted by a process that is obsolete and undemocratic. I am referring, of course, to the Electoral College. It is hard to justify its continued existence. Every four years it disenfranchises a minority of citizens in […click to read more…]

Feb 212019

Evanston RoundTable, Feb. 21, 2019 When I exercise doing planks, I pick out 60 seconds on the clock and start counting to myself. When I pass five seconds, I note that one-twelfth of the exercise is done. At 10 seconds it’s one-sixth. Fifteen seconds is a quarter. Twenty seconds is a third, 30 a half, and so on. In other […click to read more…]

Feb 072019

Evanston RoundTable, Feb. 7, 2019 There’s a famous video on YouTube—blandly titled “Selective Attention Test”—of six college students passing basketballs to each other. Viewers are instructed to count the number of times the students wearing white shirts pass the ball. The answer is 15, but that’s not the real point. About 25 seconds into the video (plot spoiler!) someone dressed […click to read more…]