Jul 122017

He walked head down, chin tucked low, eyes riveted to the sidewalk, hardly aware of the people—a clutch of teenage girls, a woman talking on her phone, a stony-faced man dragging a shrieking girl—who were making wide circles around him. Heartless monster??? It happened almost a year ago. Eleven months to the day. Time enough for…what? … shock and grief, […click to read more…]

Jul 172015

In 1967 and ’68 I boarded with an English family while studying history at University College in London. But mostly I traveled. I started out hiking the city, miles and miles a day, for London, with its crazy-quilt streets and magnificent Victorian neighborhoods, was a walker’s paradise. After I had London mapped out I took the train to Manchester to […click to read more…]

Nov 202014

Tamale and tamale and tamale Creep through my innards like plaster dust Greasy fajitas and quesadillas To the last rutted inch of my shrieking guts;   It surges forward – where? – unto eternity I swear.   Thus forsweareth I from ever eating More chips and salsa Mole enchilada I keep repeating: It is a menu I know so well […click to read more…]

Feb 252014

Listen to your heart, it beats in threes. Fast bifurcated threes with the third beat silent. Thump, thump, _________. Thump, thump, _________. Thump, thump, _________.   The missing beat: what goes there?   Is it the heart poised, in recovery, collecting itself for another surge, a tidal bath of blood? But that’s too mechanical, too metronomical.   Is it a […click to read more…]

Jan 272014

Listen to your heart, it beats in threes. Fast and bifurcated threes with the third beat silent. Thump, thump / ____. Thump, thump /____. Thump, thump / ____. What goes there, in that cardial void?   Is it the heart, in recovery, collecting itself for another surge, a red tide? No, that’s too metronomical, too melodramatical.   Maybe it’s a pause, reflection or […click to read more…]

Dec 062013

Story ideas, quotes, openings, titles: – In some dystopian future, it’s legal to trade options on people’s lives. – “I’d hardly describe myself as a creep. Rather….” – “Answer Man”: Play takes place in a radio station late at night. DJ hosts weekly show, “The Answer Man” taking callers’ questions, complaints and stories. DJ and engineer laugh at callers off […click to read more…]

Apr 082013

Evanston RoundTable, March 28, 2013 This was my contribution to our annual April Fools’ Day issue. (Leonard F. Slye was Roy Rogers’ real name.) The published story deleted most of the specifics in the fourth and fifth paragraphs to the controversy, which are true. By Leo F. Slye With mounting pressure to repudiate John Evans for his role in a […click to read more…]

Apr 252012

I wrote this shortly after hitchhiking through Europe in the spring of 1968, a wonderful trip that took me from London to Jerusalem and back. That trip is recounted in my memoir, Remember Me, excerpts of which are posted on this site. As I recall, the impetus for this story was suggested to me when I met someone at a […click to read more…]