Aug 122018

Evanston RoundTable, Aug. 9, 2018 Aug. 16 is International Apostrophe Day (right, who knew?) and to celebrate let us examine a short story, “Displaced,” in the current New Yorker by the estimable Richard Ford, winner of the Pulitzer, Pen/Faulkner and many other fiction awards. In the piece he writes from the perspective of a 16-year-old who has lost his father: […click to read more…]

Jul 272018

Evanston RoundTable, July 26, 2018 During these difficult and trying times, we find comfort in heroism and inspiration. That’s why the rescue of the 12 young soccer players and their 25-year-old assistant coach from the flooded Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand has been so satisfying: it reinforces the notion that global teamwork, individual courage and effective decision-making can still […click to read more…]

Jul 122018

Evanston Roundtable, July 12, 2018 Like everything else, relationships change over time. There’s a formula to them that is remarkably consistent. Relationships start out full of passion and excitement. The object of our infatuation is a paragon of virtue or beauty or intellect (maybe all three!). We can’t spend enough time together. Love blinds and blinkers us. Love, as Shakespeare […click to read more…]

Jun 302018

Evanston RoundTable, June 28, 2018 Everything comes easier with practice, from skeet shooting to horseback riding to piano playing. It takes 10,000 hours, experts say, to master a skill. Dying is different. There are no scales or exercises, no practice runs, no warm-ups. It’s one and you’re done. That is why it’s good to think about the unthinkable in advance, […click to read more…]

Jun 142018

Evanston RoundTable, June 14, 2018 Food, why do you love me so? Sadly, you go right to my heart—and my waistline. It’s not because you taste so good or I’m so hungry for you. No, sad to say, it has more to do with our love-hate, approach-avoidance, feast-or-famine relationship. Really, I’d rather we were just friends. Don’t take it personally; […click to read more…]

Jun 032018

Evanston RoundTable, May 31, 2018 Among the gregarious and hilarious regulars at the men’s locker room at the McGaw YMCA, where we regularly consider the wisdom and stupidity of the world, one recent conversation centered on an interesting question: what will life be like in 100 years? A consensus emerged that things will, by and large, be better. Surely, people […click to read more…]

Jun 032018
City to Launch Summer Program on Nonviolence for ETHS Students

Evanston RoundTable, May 31, 2018 What may be an important initiative to reduce youth violence in Evanston is being launched this summer. The Kingian Nonviolence program, named after and inspired by the life, work and principles of Martin Luther King, will be held from June 19 through July 31. Some two dozen Evanston Township High School students will earn $8.50 […click to read more…]

May 182018

Evanston RoundTable, May 17, 2018 May 7 through 11 was Teacher Appreciation Week. Schoolteachers in Kentucky, West Virginia, Colorado and elsewhere may have been too busy to celebrate, however, demonstrating as they were for better pay and conditions. Teacher pay calls to mind—baseball, specifically Yu Darvish. The 31-year-old Cubs pitcher was signed last winter to a six-year, $126 million contract. […click to read more…]