Aug 252017

Evanston RoundTable, Aug. 24, 2017 Are you feeling dull, depressed, muddled? Looking for ways to brighten and improve your life? To stay mentally sharp, change things up! Change can be accomplished in lots of ways big and small, many of which are easy and free. For instance: Go to work a different way. If you take the train, try the […click to read more…]

Aug 132017

Evanston RoundTable, August 10, 2017 Some sayings are about as useful as the breath used to say them. (Including this one.) Not all, of course. Whether you call them sayings, slogans, aphorisms, axioms, maxims, proverbs, words of wisdom, epigrams, precepts, platitudes, catchphrases, truisms, or (sometimes) clichés, there are many that are interesting, funny, and occasionally valuable. The master was Ben […click to read more…]

Jul 292017

July 27, 2017, Evanston RoundTable There is a big story out there that most people don’t know—a story that is exciting, mysterious, deeply important, and profoundly life-altering. That story is your parents’ lives. Oh sure, everyone has heard the major plot points and the colorful anecdotes. But the really critical details and genuine arc of their lives—not so much. So […click to read more…]

Jul 132017
Reporter's Memoir Captures Dangerous, Illustrious Career

Evanston RoundTable, July 13, 2017 A great journalist has to be insatiably curious, passionately dedicated, and a terrific writer. Jeffrey Gettleman has all these talents in abundance, which is why the Evanston-born and -raised reporter won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for his work covering East Africa for the New York Times. He will be back in Evanston to read […click to read more…]

Jul 132017

Evanston RoundTable, July 13, 2017 The Victorian writer George Saintsbury said Ecclesiastes was “the saddest and wisest book ever written.” Novelist Thomas Wolfe called it “the most powerful expression of man’s life upon this earth.” Many writers, thinkers, and theologians have cited the Biblical story for its profound if deeply fatalistic view of the universe. Ecclesiastes professes that life is […click to read more…]

Jun 292017

Evanston RoundTable, June 29, 2017 With apologies to Marcel Proust, this is not about madeleines or childhood memories. It is about losing things, things that inexplicably vanish when just a moment ago they were lying right there. Keys, books, glasses. Sometimes trivial, like a left sock or the crossword puzzle. Sometimes critical, like a passport or a credit card. A […click to read more…]

Jun 152017

Evanston RoundTable, June 15, 2017 Modern science fools us into believing we can understand the world. Not so. Take mathematics, the supposed foundation of science and knowledge. Galileo thought “the great book of the universe” was written in numbers. But just as light is both wave and particle, numbers are both discrete and ambiguous. Three is greater than two and […click to read more…]