Jun 202014

Magnificent in scope, ever-changing and free as the air, passing clouds are an art form with only one requirement: look up to the sky. To appreciate them, we’ll need to develop a whole new sensitivity and vocabulary that can describe, analyze and comprehend their colors and textures; shapes and patterns; and velocity and volatility.

May 272014

Death is “the one misery that makes us more miserable than all other creatures,” said Luther. Yes, but it should make us more ecstatic, too, about the beauty and evanescence of every hour and every day.

May 202014

The best antidote for sadness is hard work, diligent study and minute attention to the physical world, where every blade of grass and mote of dust reminds us of the primacy of objective vs. subjective reality. In here is just us; out there is everything else.

May 162014

Has there ever been a time when the mass of humanity looked more slovenly? Not really: even Neanderthals dressed better than we do. But there is a possible upside to our slobbishness. After seeing countless gruesome muffin top midriffs, waterfall cleavages and hairy butt cracks, we become increasingly inured to and even jaded about the “lure of the flesh.” Maybe the result will […click to read more…]

May 072014

In the future nearly all our retail spaces will be occupied by fast food franchises, health clinics, drug stores and banks. You can eat bad food, get sick, get well and pay for it all at the same shopping strip.

Apr 272014

“You’ve got to do things, try things, that seem frightening, that are frightening. Otherwise you’ll never grow. And you’ll never learn to die.” “Learn to die? Why would I want to do that?” “Oh, you will. There’ll come a time in your life – in everyone’s life, in the life of every living thing – when you realize it’s time […click to read more…]