Jun 072015

Important to measure, even more important to grow. It consists of good, even temperament (20%); abundant humor (20%); inclination to see the bright side (20%); health and wellness (20%); and smarts, looks & luck (20%). If that’s true, and it seems as reasonable a formula as any, it’s good news, because most of it is under our own control. Good, […click to read more…]

Dec 122014

The reason economics is such an inexact science is that it’s so dismal at understanding the vagaries of human nature. Take pricing, about which people are supposed to be so sensitive. When I order two lattes, a banana and two paninis at Starbucks, I don’t run the calculations in my head, and I snap to attention only if the barista rings it […click to read more…]

Oct 242014

Bach and Beethoven are twin towering peaks, and which is the taller depends, on any given day, only on how our emotional clouds are blowing.

Aug 262014

Time travel is always intriguing, but it doesn’t teach us much about ourselves. We’d learn a great deal more if we could propel a few cave people to the present. They would surely admire our science – and be frightened by our culture, aghast at our obesity and slovenliness, stunned at our war-making capacities and dumbfounded that human nature has not progressed whatsoever.

Jul 222014

Even under the worst circumstances, it is possible to prove oneself the master of fate, even if it is only to show grace and perseverance in handling whatever fate dishes out.

Jul 012014

The body’s propensity to grow must be very strong indeed if kids can double in size in 15 years on a steady diet of Pepsi, pizza and mac and cheese.

Jul 012014

We are of course products of our genes, our environment and our upbringing. But we are not captive to them. The human capacity for growth and improvement is almost limitless.