Jul 102017

Still another lesson: you can make up your own lessons, and draw on them as needed. Had I decided that my friends were out there, had I been able to admit I needed help, and been willing to solicit it, things would have been different. Instead, I only learned from the lesson that said when you’re hurting, quit. Wrong lesson. […click to read more…]

Sep 232014
My Story

By Lonia Kirshenbaum Mosak As told to Lester Jacobson This book is dedicated to my family, who have made this long journey worthwhile, so they should know what it was like. It’s impossible to explain, and impossible to describe, what happened there. There’s not enough ink and paper in this world to describe it. It was hell on earth.” Introduction […click to read more…]

Mar 122014
Richard Young and the Art of the Deal

“Don’t play the notes. Play the meaning of the notes.” – Pablo Casals When Richard Young was invited to join the Vermeer Quartet in 1985, he felt he had reached the pinnacle of the chamber music world. Just 39, he had played professionally for 13 years, first with the New Hungarian Quartet and then the Rogeri Trio. But the Vermeer […click to read more…]

Apr 072013

“On Reading Proust” is a hybrid: except for the incidents at the Y, it is all true. Call it creative non-fiction. Or Proustian. Our public library sponsors an annual citywide book club called Mission Impossible, so named because only the most impossible-to-read classics are selected. What’s an impossible-to-read classic? One that by reputation is too big, too abstract or too abstruse […click to read more…]