Goodbye — 5 Comments

  1. A beautiful tribute from a deeply caring little brother. You make me feel like I met him. I wish I had. So sorry for your loss.

  2. I knew and loved him. He and I would go to lunch on occasion and just talk about things in the office that I as a department officer could make better. Bill trusted me and I him. He talked straight and was direct. I respected that very much and it helped me in my leadership role. He was a good guy.

    One of the things I knew about Bill was how fastidious he was. As you mentioned in you wonderful description of who Bill was, everything on his desk had to be in a particular place. When I would be wandering around AV where Bill worked, I made sure to mess up his desk when he was not around. I know it really bugged him and I’ll bet he finally figured out who was doing this awful deed to his very neat desk.

    Thanks,Les, for a special reminder about my dear friend.

  3. Sorry for your loss Les. I love the universal family dynamic. Has brothers we may fight amongst each but we will always protect one another against strangers. I love the courage your brother displayed

  4. One day at Allstate after lunch Billy and I took a walk around the campus. Billy started picking pine cones off the ground and putting them in a bag to take home. A security guard came over and told us we couldn’t take the pine cones. Billy reluctantly dumped the bag of pine cones back on the ground, and said, “What BS.”

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