My Eulogy — 5 Comments

  1. What about your Cubs hat aren’t you taking that with you into eternity? All kidding aside, a great eulogy laced with alot of gratitude, a life well lived. Love the last paragraph about our eternal cycle. I will be thinking about that all day.

  2. Not bad; would you write something for me? I like it all, especially the coffee ice-cream part.

  3. I loved it Lester. I hope you inspire others, perhaps myself, to try to write a similar self expose.

  4. Enjoyed “my eulogy”. It covered lots of ground as have you! (Guess that makes sense!)
    So happy you enjoyed your life.
    So glad I was part of it. ‼️
    Looking forward to reading the other columns/posts.
    Life certainly is an adventure. Good and not so good.
    Humor helps.

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