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Last year’s essential workers are still essential

A.I. ate my homework

Time to downsize the American empire: An interview with Northwestern historian Daniel Immerwahr

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Chasing the dream

The wind blows and we are alone together

Moonlight on the Buffalo

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High Focus

Time to Act: How White People Can Help the Black Population

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Two-Track America

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Writing Your Life Story



The Essence of You

My Love Affair With the Press

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My Gap Year: Planes, Trains and Automobiles Through Europe

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Hard Times

Tour de Evanston

Giving Thanks

When Lilacs Last

Arts Groups Transition to Online Learning

Esteemed Guitarist Offers to Play in Your Backyard

A Worthy Pandemic Pastime: Tell Your Story

Some Lessons


The Confinement

Earth Day and Spring: A Hopeful Time

Earth Day 2020

Beauty as Solace

The Upsides

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore or, I’ve Got Those Corona Virus Blues

Stoner City: An Inside Look at Evanston’s Cannabis Dispensary

Charles Johnson Returns to Evanston to Celebrate ‘Middle Passage’

This I Know

Shostakovich on Cuts to the Fourth Symphony: “Let Them Eat it All!”

The Write Stuff

2020: The Year of Insight

Winter is Hard

The Golden Age

Harold’s Hardware: A Four-Generation Business

Goodbye to All That

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Hidden Treasure

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The Other Evanston, The One Out West

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The Eternal Lightness of Being With Old Friends

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Tuesday Night With the Boys

Putting the “I” Back in Love

World’s Oldest Baby Boomer Tells It Like It Was

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Hocus POTUS: Tossing My Hat Into the Ring

When Every Day Could Be Your Last

Spring to Attention!

The Quest to Live (Almost) Forever

A Library Story

The Second Worst Sin

The Electoral College is a Broken System

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Attention Must Be Paid

How to Survive a Plane Crash

‘Green Book’ movie review

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Pascal’s Wager Applied to Love

When Lenny Met Victor

If You Love Movies, Take the Challenge!

My Faust Problem


Music Lessons

Staying in Tune

POTUS for a Day

The Maltese Question

Remembering the ’68 Democratic Convention

The Case of the Missing ‘

Finding Inspiration in Troubled Times

The Nature of Relationships

The Art of Dying

Eating is Forever

In the Year 2118

City to Launch Summer Program on Nonviolence for ETHS Students

Yu, Me — and The Common Good

Device Advice

The Balm of ‘Gilead’ – A Reading Memoir

Miracle in the Making

Third Coast Baroque Plays It Different

ETHS Students Rally for Stronger Gun Laws

Surviving the Jolt

Advice to Ben

On the Road to Safer Gun Laws: Evanston Moms Help Pull Off Political Upset

To Be Third

2 Cheers 4 Winter

Solar Reflection

Shifting Gears

The Experience of Hunger

My Eulogy

Parable of the Glasses

Men Behaving Badly

What Can Be Done

Alone Together

Life’s Priorities

Block Museum Presents ‘Blockbuster’ Exhibit on William Blake

The Miracles Among Us

Anticipating Regret

Change It Up

Perfectly Good Advice 

Jim Craig Keeps the Hogeye Tradition Going Strong

Interview Your Parents to Preserve Their Stories

Reporter’s Memoir Captures Dangerous, Illustrious Career

Ecclesiastes Got It Wrong

In Search of Lost Things

The Mysteries of Existence

‘Relativity’: A Play Review

The Six Pillars

Award-Winning Author Recalls Evanston Boyhood

Shostakovich’s Fifth

Michael Gibson Reflects on 42 Years with the Evanston Post Office

Trash Busters

Bad Habits

Viola Lesson

The Four E’s

Knowing History

Making Music, Staying Active at 90

Down to Work

How to Argue

Nibsy’s Triumph

Reverse Arrow

The Elusive Now

Only Explore

Bikes Vs. Cars: No Contest

Savoyaires Star to Retire From Cast After This Year

How I Came to Play the World’s Most Expensive Violin

Improving Your Chamber Music Skills: Tips from a Pro

A View From the Park

Negro Leagues Player Ray Knox Honored by City

Howard Levy: Evanston’s Own Harmonica Master

Mystery Solved: Planet Earth Reopens

Steve Fiffer: Lightning Strikes Twice for Local Author

Bravissimo! 3 Players Celebrate 50 Years With the Evanston Symphony

Interview with Michael Tree, Violist With the Guarneri Quartet

Ambassador for Baseball

ETHS Principal Marcus Campbell: Having Fun, Making Progress

Bashmet Premieres New Viola Concerto by Gubaidulina

Tim Kazurinsky: Hardest-Working Funny Guy in Town

My Story

Skokie School Teaches Art of Crafting Violins

Carl Becker: Master Violin Maker

Little Libraries With a Big Mission: To Give Away Books

Light Opera Works Hits a Home Run With ‘Damn Yankees’

Adiana Strings Gets Upbeat Welcome

30 Hours of Dancing Raises Record $1.38 Million at NU Dance Marathon

City to Grow Pot at Ecology Center

Lisa Flynn – Classical Music’s ‘Perfect Voice’

Richard Young and the Art of the Deal

Evanston Group Inches Closer to Eradicating Disease

After 40 Years, NU’s Dance Marathon Still Going Strong

Oscar Race Highlights Banner Movie Year

With CIF’s help, Pair’s Job Prospects Brighten

But Seriously…Posen Knows the Art of Comedy

‘Philomena’ – Sad Search for a Long Lost Son

Survivor of Nazi Massacre Had Amazing Journey

’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ – Hard History Lessons

Evanston Music Club: Keeping the Beat For More Than a Century

Curt’s Cafe Owner Honored

‘Captain Phillips’ – Actors Keep a Tight Ship

Junior Mance: Evanston’s Gift to Jazz

Jonathan Wilson – Bringing Theater to Life

‘The Spectacular Now’ – Spectacular Zen

‘In a World’ – Woody Strikes Again

Dogs Get to Splish-Splash at YMCA Pool

‘Blue Jasmine’ – Sub-stellar Woody

‘Fruitvale Station’ – Still Struggling

‘About Midnight’ – Meditations on Adulthood

Riding the Rails

‘This is the End’ – Going Out Laughing

With a Push From Dr. King, Bill Logan Became a Pioneer

‘Frances Ha’ – Meh for the Me Generation

‘Mud’ Review: More Character, Less Muck

‘Renoir’: Father and Son Reunion

’42’: A Swing and a Miss

‘From Up On Poppy Hill’: Simple and Beautiful

Embarrassed by Founder, City of Evanston Now Claims It is Named for Famed TV Cowgirl

On Reading Proust For Book Club

“No” and “Life of Pi” Reviewed

Review of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘Flight’

Author Shaped by Evanston Scores with Debut Novel

‘Amour’: Art as Dark and Deep As Life

Kelly Amonte Hiller: LaCrosse’s Winningest Coach

Review of “Silver Linings Playbook”

Review of “Les Misérables,” “Argo,” Anna Karenina,” and “Lincoln”

Review of “Lincoln”

Letter to the New York Times on Meeting Kurt Vonnegut

‘The Sessions’: Courageous and Profound

The Good You Can Do

Pinball Wizard Writes the Tunes, Also Beeps and Boops

Review of “The Intouchables”

“The Swerve” – A Joyful Ride Through Intellectual History

‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’: A Universe Apart

Byron Wilson: Evanston’s ‘Class Act’

‘Magic Mike’ Review: Magical Indeed

Surviving a Nazi Firing Squad: Serge Ross’s Story

‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’: Checking Out

Why We Ride

A Revealing Look Under the Finery of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

Review of “Moneyball”

Review of “Hugo” and “The Artist”

Review of “Contagion”

Review of J. Edgar

Profile: Gene Bell, FAAM ‘Commissioner For Life,’ Has Helped Thousands of Kids

Profile of Guerra Freitas

1968 Democratic Convention: There’s a Riot Going On

Review of Stephen King’s “11/22/63”

Saturdays With Milton

Hobi the Wonder Dog

Northwestern’s Victor Yampolsky: A Life As Exciting As the Music

‘Red Tails’: A Story That ‘Needed To Be Told’