“Les Jacobson has the rare gift of being able to take complicated ideas, strategies and stories and transform them into compelling visions.  He helps senior executives express in resonant words ideas that had existed only in concept.  And he shows how strategic intent  can become concrete actions that drive business outcomes, with a passion for detail and deadlines.”  —Peter Debreceny, Consultant, Gagen MacDonald


“Lester Jacobson cowrote the thriller, The J Project, with me. It is a pleasure to work with Les. He is patient, thoughtful and a gifted writer. Les combines the craftsmanship of writing with the gift of thought and insight. Working with Les was a rich, warm and rewarding experience.” — Philip Lisagor, retired thoracic surgeon and military officer


“I knew Lester Jacobson before he knew Mike Royko. So we go way back. He didn’t have to edit my copy as much as he had to edit Royko’s because Royko couldn’t spell Slats Grobnik’s name if you spotted him the ‘slats’ and the ‘grob’. Les has always been the consummate professional, and he’s also a decent guy, which is why he was able to make the transition to the corporate world. We’ve been friends for only about 40 years.  I wouldn’t hesitate to give Les any writing work, including this blurb on his behalf.” — Bruce Wolf, Chicago TV & Radio Personality


“Les has been a trusted editor of my work. With impeccable judgment, a creative mind and a good sense of the big picture, he was my go-to guy to make sure I was on the right track. He also has well-honed skills as a writer / strategic communicator. But the biggest reason I enjoy working with Les is that he’s a pleasure to work with, easy and fun and always offers a unique perspective.”  —Reba Meshulam, Owner, Producer, Suite 100 Video & Communications, Ltd.